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Calling a deer a horse

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Default Calling a deer a horse

In the reign of the second of the Qin Dynasty (221-207 BC), Premier Zhao Gao, obsessed with ambition, he intended to usurp the throne day and night. But he did not know how many of the ministers at the court were allowed to receive orders for him and how many were their opponents. So I thought one way to test how high prestige among ministers and was also to know who dared to oppose him. One day, when the court held, Zhao Gao let someone bring a deer to the court and, with a broad smile on his face, told the second emperor of the Qin Gang said: "Your Majesty, Here is a beautiful horse that I present to you. "As for the animal, the emperor thought it was second, obviously, a deer and could not be a horse. So he said, smiling, Gao Zhao: "Mr. Prime Minister, you are wrong. It is a stay. Why say it's a horse? "Remaining calm, Zhao Gao said:" Your Majesty, please see more clearly? This really is a horse that covers a thousand li a day. "Full of suspicion, Second Emperor of the deer looked again and said:" How can be grown horns on the head of a horse? "Turning around and pointing to the ministers, Zhao Gao said aloud:" If our Lord does not believe me, you can ask the ministers. "The meaning of Zhao Gao was totally a miss the ministers and said ear to themselves: What was playing tricks Zhao Gao? Was not clear whether it was a deer or a horse? "But when they saw the sinister smile on the face of Zhao Gao and his two eyes, which looked at each of them, suddenly realized their evil intentions. Some of the ministers who were shy and yet had a sense of right eousness dared not say anything because they would tell lies to his guilty conscience and, in fact mean that they would be persecuted by Zhao Gao later. Some ministers with a sense of justice persisted that it was a deer and a horse. There were still some cunning and suave ministers closely followed by Gao Zhao in normal times. He immediately expressed support for Zhao Gao, the emperor saying: "This is really a horse that covers a thousand li a day." After the event, Zhao Gao punished by various means the ministers with a sense of justice who were disobedient to him, even whole families of some of the ministers executed. This story appears in "The life of the first emperor of the Qin dynasty" in the historical records written by Sima Qian. From this history people have derived from the phrase "calling a deer a horse" in the sense of something deliberately misrepresenting and misleading the public.uggs on sale cheap ugg boots
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