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Refinishing wheels

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Default Refinishing wheels


So I am going to strip down a set of basket weaves i got for my cabby whats the best way to go about taking the clear coat off?
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Liberal Insularity Lost Massachusetts| In a football game if two teams of comparable talent are separated by only one fact: –Team A watches Team B’s practices and reads its playbook –Team B watches only itself and reads only its own playbook You would reasonably conclude that Team A has a huge advantage. Something like that exists in American politics today. Going into the election Scott Brown’s campaign benefited from a phenomenon that gets little discussion. I’m not talking about Brown’s two rather obvious advantages: (1) a landscape of rising deficits and unemployment under an all-Democratic federal government that set up conditions for a revolt; or (2) an unusually weak opponent in Martha Coakley. Rather I’m talking about something akin to my football analogy. 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Default Can my scraped alloy wheels be refinished?

Is it very expensive? Is it worth it to have done if I want to trade in my car?
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Well the fastest way is by using paint stripper, but it will also strip off the paint. Another way to remove the top coat is by sanding it off. I have done it with my Ion rims. Its really a pain in the ***. But hey as they said no pain no gain.
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