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How to Convert YouTube to MOV on Mac

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Default How to Convert YouTube to MOV on Mac

How to Convert YouTube to MOV on Mac

As for a YouTube lover, if you have a large number of wonderful download YouTube videos stored on your PC and want to playback on Quicktime and Apple devices, Which format would you like to convert to? In fact, MOV is a smart choice. MOV is a familar audio and video format developed by Apple company. Because of the small size and good video effect, it becomes more and more popular. Here we will teach you how to convert YouTube to MOV at ease with a professional Video Converter for Mac.

Note: We provide a following tutorial for Mac users, if you are a Windows user, Please go to the Video Converter for Windows guide for more information.
How to make YouTube to MOV conversion on Mac?

To know more about the conversion process, you'd better download the program and try to use the trial version step by step as below.

buy video converter mac download video converter mac
Step1. Import the downloaded YouTube videos to the program

Run Video Converter for Mac. You can directly drag the files to the program or click "File" icon on the tool bar to import files. Batch conversion is also supported.

avi to ipod mac video converter main interface
Step 2. Select MOV as your output format

Please click "Output Setting" icon ->"Format", here you should choose MOV in the "Common Video" list as your output format.

mac video converter youtube to mov output interface
Step 3. Customize output setting

Before YouTube to MOV conversion, please Click "Options" item in the "Output Setting" menu, you can set the proper parameters such as video and audio codec, resolution, frame rate and bite rate by yourself or just click “Default” and keep the default parameters.

mac video converter output setting interface
Step 4. Start conversion

Just click "Start" button, YouTube to MOV conversion will begin at fast speed and high quality.

avi to ipod mac video converter conversion interface
Tips on YouTube to MOV Converter for Mac:

1. When you make the conversion on Mac by Video converter for Mac, you can click “Edit” item or just click the icon shown in picture 1 to make the edition by applying special features to the output video through Trimming, Cropping, Video Adjustments, subtitle and Watermark.

2. You are able to preview the video on the main interface.
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