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_Muffy_01 02-17-2015 09:20 PM

New Member from PlanetIsuzoo
I was on another forum and i decided to spread my wings a bit and look into this forum.

"Here's my story. I got my first car when I was 14, It was my moms old college car (1972 Plymouth Valiant). Ever since then I've been trying to restore it, but I ran into a dilemma. I've recently had the chance to enter the fire service and starting in a few days I start training. Anyway, the dilemma, I didn't want to load up the Plymouth with a bunch of lights and a siren because it would ruin the value of the car. So, how I got my Amigo... It was a rescued farm truck. I work on my uncles farm and I would see the Amigo sitting... Just sitting. We would occasionally take it into town but it was parked for most of its life on the farm. I wanted to learn stick, So I asked my uncle if I could take it around some of the back fields. Now, Being only a 2wd I didn't expect much of this little Isuzu, and oh how I was wrong to doubt her. She would fly through the fields with ease. One day, the ATV that I was rebuilding broke down in the middle of the woods. I called up my uncle and he said he'd be down with a tow strap. The next thing I see is a screaming Amigo crawling its way back to come rescue my dumb*** . That got me thinking, What else could this thing do? The next week I had some down time so I took it back to the edge of the woods where the creek is, dropped it into first, and jumped right in. I crawled my way to the end of the property and jumped right on out. That's when I decided, I want this truck! In a few months my aunt and uncle took me out to dinner and we started talking about what I was going to do about a car for school since I ran out of money for the Plymouth. I wanted so badly to ask about rescuing the Isuzu. I went to the restroom and came back to find an envelope at my place at the table. I opened it and inside were the title and key to the Amigo. Ever since I've been doing what I can to help it back to health so it will be ready for this coming school year.

Well, There's my story! Thanks for reading!"

Since I've written this tidbit I've added on many memories with my Amigo, From killing a Ford to responding to my first fire with my new siren. I plan to have many more memories to come, and to quote a good friend " Have many more happy miles"
This is the day I brought her home from the farm.
Next to my brother's Cutlass
First day with the top off.
Fun in the mud
From the Ford

_Muffy_01 02-17-2015 09:26 PM

Also, to follow the Amigo's journey, follow me on instagram @_Muffy_01

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