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Michael Ornelas 01-30-2019 04:16 PM

1991 amigo 2.3 motor info
Hi there. Just bought a 1991 amigo 4 cylinder manual 2wd so you'll have to forgive my ignorance. From my research I am guessing it's the 2.3l and not the 2.6l I have under the hood. 4zd1 is the motor model I believe. My situation is the motor has super high mileage 230xxx and I would like to rebuild or replace it. I do not have alot of space to be doing motor swaps as I live in an apartment with no garage, but will have some time to work on it in my grandparents garage from time to time. My first question is... do I have the motor I think I do (2.3l 4zd1). Second, are there reputable rebuild kids that any forum member would recommend? Any industry standard leaders in aftermarket? Third, are there any sources that sell rebuilt motors with warranty? Fourth, do I have the option of an easy motor swap? Any of the turbo diesels or v6 that came in the MU chasis that would bolt nicely into place in my two door? Lastly, does anyone know of a shop in southern california that specializes in isuzu performance?? Sorry this post is all over the place, just trying to get off the ground

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